The voices behind the poetry - Dastak Khushiyon Ki

on 16 October 2020
DAstak Gallery

Sehban Azim

Sehban Azim narrates an ode to the remarkable grit and determination of Amazon associates and small businesses to make it possible
Dastak India

Suyyash Rai
Photo By <b>Suyyash Rai:</b> <i>Waxes eloquently on the never say die spirit that Amazon shares with its customers</i><br>
DAstak Gallery

A paean to the amazing fortitude of small businesses from every town and city in India by Samyukta Hegde.
DAstak Gallery

Amruta Khanvillkar: Presents a ghazal on those generations’ old family enterprises that continue to thrive across India
DAstak Gallery

Samir Kochhar
DAstak Gallery

Samyuktha Hegde

Sampita Sarkar: Sharing how Amazon delivers happiness to millions of customers across India this festive season / OR: Tales of Amazon’s deliveries of happiness [to millions of customers] this festive season
Dastak Poetry

Kanika Maheshwari gives an ode to the courage of artisans and Amazon associates from across the land
Dastak New Amazon India

Rashi Singh: Places the spot light on the hard work of Amazon’s small sellers and business associates from the bye-lanes and back alleys of ancient neighbourhoods
DAstak Gallery

Pooja Gor
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