Father's Day

This Father’s Day, watch a few Prime Dads

Every dad is not the same. Watch a few different dad types on Father’s Day
on 15 June 2018
Every dad is different. Some are protective, while others are adventurous. Some are strict disciplinarians, while others believe in letting their children learn as they grow. Actually, there are as many dad types as there are dads on the planet! This Father’s Day, we suggest that you watch a few shows on Amazon Prime, which throw light on some of the different types of screen-dads out there. Kids, do spend the day with your dad and enjoy these shows. Dads, do check out with your kids, what some of the screen dads have been up to.
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    Almost Perfect Dad
    Dad - This is Us
    If a list has to begin, let’s do so with the near perfect one Jack Pearson in This is Us. Whether it’s his loyalty to his wife, his will to stand strong in the face of trouble, his coming to terms with his own failures or in the way he teaches little life lessons to his 3 children – for this dad everything is for family and that is why he rocks. Add to all this, the old world charm he espouses makes this Dad almost near perfect!
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    Learn-as-you-go Dad
    Having a ‘mini me’ when you are not quite yet an adult can be a different kind of experience. Learn-as-you-go dads learn the ropes of parenting as they go. Or rather, as they grow! Waking up in the middle of the night to soothe an irritable infant, forgetting to pick the little one up from day-care, carrying your bundle of love when you are trying to jump onto a crowded bus…all when you are still wearing your braces can be daunting. Being a young dad is no cake walk. Julian finds this out in One Tree Hill. Professor Utonium, the creator of our favourite crime fighters, The Power Puff Girls, is our perfect example of a dad who redefines his fathering style with each new adventure
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    The Odd Dad
    Dexter - DAd
    Stepping upon everything fragile, this dad is like a bull in a china shop. Even though he might profess to love his kid/ kids, his love doesn’t make their lives a better place. On the contrary, he demonstrates low sense of responsibility and even less sensitivity to parenting. Alan in Two-and-a-half-men, and Dexter in Dexter are prime examples of odd dads.
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    Pop and Mom Dad
    Bosch - Father Day
    The challenges of being a single dad can be staggering. A single dad has to play a double role –of both pop and mom. It’s not easy and he’s afraid he’ll do the wrong thing while making a life for himself and the kids. Laying down the law will be tough. Juggling home and career will be tough. He doesn’t have all the answers, like moms always seem to have. But we have dads who’ve made a go of it and done a simply awesome job of it. You may want to check Bosch who is a great example of a single dad. Or perhaps Castle, the sometimes-dad-sometimes-child who has sole custody of his daughter! You’ll love Madam Secretary’s husband Prof Henry McCord who is happy to be both mom and pop to the kids when his wife’s career demands most of her time.
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    All’s Fair in Love and Parenting Dad
    Breathe Dad
    Nothing is too big an ask, nothing is too huge a task when it concerns his children. This dad will go to any lengths, to make sure of his child’s well-being. And, if all the fair-play avenues are closed, he’s not averse to bending a few rules to protect his young ones. Meet Danny, a dad like this in Breathe. Klaus, the hybrid vampire-werewolf from The Originals is yet another dad who’ll do anything for the love of his child. Anything!
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    Tough Dads
    They are made of steel. Unbending, uncompromising, and manipulative, they are tough taskmasters. They create tough kids and help them to cope with life. Papa Pope in Scandal is one such dad. You might end up hating him or adoring him insanely. Also, the Regan dads in Blue Bloods features a few tough dads you would love to watch in action.

    Quite often, art mirrors life. Some of the shows featured on Amazon Prime are reflective of changing equations between parents and children. However, undoubtedly, the bond between a father and child is truly precious and must be celebrated. Today. And every day.

    Happy Father’s Day!
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