Undefeated, relentless & on the go, meet our Amazon heroes!

Meet the heroes of Amazon who are displaying unparalleled character and strength in going above and beyond to do their service, beyond their defined roles, to provide customers with their much needed essentials during the pandemic called COVID -19.
on 01 May 2020
As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, our movement and our reach for primary needs, there has been a significant demand for essentials from our customers. At Amazon, given our obsession towards customer experience, we applaud the associates in our Fulfilment Centers, Sortation Centers, Delivery stations and the many housekeeping and security staff at these sites, who are among the many unsung heroes of this crisis as they continue working hard, so the people of India can stay home and stay safe.

Read on to know more about the challenges, the diverse situations and the victories of some of the unsung heroes across Amazon.
  1. A new father. A delivery associate. A warrior. Meet Sandeep Rakhade from Mumbai

    (West Zone)
    Becoming a father for the first time would only emote - staying with the baby all the time! But when Sandeep Rakhade, an Amazon delivery associate from Mumbai, realised that customers were in need of essential goods, amidst the lockdown, he immediately took charge of his role. As soon his wife was discharged from the hospital, Sandeep was back at work within 48 hours at his delivery station, and out on the road delivering essentials to customers on time. The station reopened after the initial few days of lockdown implementation to ensure that essential goods are delivered to customers on time. Sandeep, a proud father, derives this immense strength to work relentlessly towards serving customers and ensuring that their needs are met even amidst times like these.
  2. The unstoppable duo travelled 25 kms to deliver Horlicks! Meet Shoaib Ansari and Jashvant Gaud

    (West Zone)
    When delivery associate Shoaib Ansari and supervisor Jashvant Gaud from Mumbai went to deliver an item to a 93 year-old woman, they learnt from her that she was also in urgent need of Horlicks (sweet malted milk hot drink powder) which was not in her order list. With severe lockdown, both Shoaib and Jashvant, went beyond their call of duty to procure this product from a store which was 22 kms away from their station servicing area. Upon procuring the product they travelled 25 kms further to ensure the product was delivered to the doorstep of the customer. Their effort truly reflects their obsession towards customer experience.
  3. A warrior who walks 28 kms to serve as a security official. Meet Mangesh Kupekar from Mumbai

    (West Zone)
    In the current situation, most of us today are adjusting our schedule to work from home and following protocols of staying at home. But for this security official Mangesh, life hasn’t changed given the role he sees himself playing during this period. With sheer grit and determination, Mangesh walks 28 kms from his home to his workplace, every single day and serves his duty as a security official. Being fully aware of the skeletal strength of the staff, he even doubles up to play multiple roles to streamline the delivery process by helping the associates at the site he works in. A true hero, Mangesh is an inspiration to each and everyone of us
  4. A home 80 kms away didn’t stop this relentless woman to come to work. Meet Nirosha from Bangalore.

    (South Zone)
    Battling all odds, including her parents' hesitation of sending her to work amidst the pandemic, Nirosha was unstoppable from resuming work as a fulfilment centre associate. She was quick to build her plan to stay closer to work during this period and rode 80kms on a two-wheeler with her sister to live with her friend, so she could commute quickly and safely to work. She reports to work every single day knowing fully well that the demand for essential products has increased and there is a dire need to service customers especially with essential supplies.
  5. From Shivmogga to Bangalore, this man has touched all milestones to service customers. Meet Prashant from Bangalore

    (South Zone)
    Those of you familiar with Bangalore city, know that Shivamogga is a good 300 kms away. Prashant was in his hometown Shivamogga when the lockdown was going to be announced and he knew right away that he had to be back in Bangalore immediately. It was going to be a long journey, but for Prashanth, the ride to Bangalore only meant one thing - serving customers with their essential items. Prashanth travelled alone on his bike for hours together, to reach his station in Bangalore and quickly resumed work as a process associate to streamline the process of delivering essentials to customers. He makes it to work every single day and never once does he say he wants to give up.
  6. When a pregnant woman made a demand, it had to be obliged and how! Say hello to Krishan Kumar from Mohali who made her smile

    (North Zone)
    When one gets a call with a request from a pregnant woman, it goes without saying that one should move mountains to fulfil it. It was Krishan Kumar, a delivery associate stationed at Mohali, who fulfilled her request by facing a lot of odds right from sourcing the product to delivering the same. Although the delivery was successful, it wasn't an easy one. Krishan Kumar had to deliver the product to an area which was sealed off owing to high COVID-19 cases. While the concerned authorities and the police did not permit him to go beyond a point, it was his persistence and unwillingness to leave without delivering the product. After a lot of to and fro, questioning and verification from the police that he successfully delivered the product at the customers doorstep.
  7. A woman next door. A mother. An inspiration. Meet Yuvarani from Bangalore

    (South Zone)
    From time immemorial, women are known to play multiple roles - a mother, a daughter, a caretaker, a nurturer, a wife and a working professional as well. All these women have been the unsung heroes who are multi-taskers and accomplish their goals with a smile on their face. As a Fulfilment Center associate at Amazon, Yuvarani is one such unsung champion who amidst the pandemic, manages to reach the FC every single day, by following the said protocols. Yuvarani is a single mother and a sole bread-winner in a family of four. An inspiration to many women across our country, who are single-handedly managing their homes, Yuvarani’s dedication to her work is commendable. She has an invisible smile and a unique sense of satisfaction knowing that she is one of the faces behind delivering essential services to customers during COVID- 19.
There are many such unsung heroes who have gone out of their way, done commendable work by following said protocols while ensuring a safe and well-stocked shopping experience for our customers.
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