Where learning continued despite lockdown

on 04 March 2021

Digital literacy, innovative thinking, learning and achievement “steamed” by Amazon’s Mobile Think Big Space for children, made virtual learning during the lockdown possible. See this story in pictures

No lockdown for learning

KNOWLEDGE QUEST: When the quest for learning is your primary objective, sharing a tablet is just secondary.
No lockdown for learning

LEARNING DURING LOCKDOWN: Student maintain social distancing and follow all safety protocols just so they can learn!
No lockdown for learning

LEARNING ON WHEELS: The Think Big Space, the mobile classroom is where students of various government could continue learning and experimenting.
No lockdown for learning

MOBILE EDUCATION: As COVID restrictions ease, the "Think Big Bus" resumes its journey to different schools as students can learn without disruption.
No lockdown for learning

LEARNING IN PROGRESS: Students from a government school in Navi Mumbai attend a session in their "mobile classroom."
No lockdown for learning

No lockdown for learning

IN CLASS, FINALLY: With some COVID restrictions lifted, students could go their schools for certain classes. Here, they are seen listening in rapt attention to their teacher.
No lockdown for learning

ON HANDS TRAINING: Nothing like understanding a concept when you get trained practically. Students seen working on a project.
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