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'We actors have a responsibility to shed light on issues through the characters we play'

Close to 3,800 Amazon employees kick-started Prime Day 2021 celebrations early, with a Live Virtual Fishbowl* with actress, Priyamani.

Amazon India’s inclusivity initiative enables effective communication for People with Disabilities

Amazon India has partnered with ‘SignAble’, a virtual and interactive interpreter platform to enable effective communication and real time trouble shooting for associates with hearing and speech impairments.

Workplace Diversity: How Amazon India celebrates #Pride everyday

At Amazon India a supportive, inclusive workplace and culture offers the LGBTQIA+ community a friendly environment and lots of opportunities to grow.

'Amazon Business has always aimed to empower MSMEs'

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of, Peter George, Director, Amazon Business speaks on how Amazon Business is helping small businesses in India get back on their feet, fast.

'Our Global Selling pogram is helping over 70,000 exporters take Made in India products to the world'

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of, Abhijit Kamra, Director - Global Trade, Amazon India, speaks of how the Global Selling program is helping enable exports and promote ‘Made in India’ globally.

'We look forward to delivering many more smiles in the future'

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of, Prakash Datta, speaks on how Amazon's Operations network enabled them to continue serving people during the pandemic and how he looks forward to the future.

'We're energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India'

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of, leaders across Amazon India speak of how their teams look towards innovating and building for an India that becomes self-reliant in the true sense.

'SMBs now leveraging coming online to cater to customers across India'

On the 8th anniversary of Manish Tiwary, VP, Amazon India speaks on how Amazon has contributed towards SMB Enablement

'We look forward to engage the next 500 million customers to shop/pay/watch/eat/play/ online'

On the 8th anniversary of Kishore Thota, Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, Amazon India, speaks on how Amazon has contributed towards innovation in India, on behalf of its customers and sellers.

Upskilling MBAs through Amazon's flagship leadership development program

165 MBA graduates from India’s top 13 business schools will now undergo the Amazon Future Builders' Program Incubator and get their first taste of working across Amazon’s diverse businesses.
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