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Amazon's wonder women: The ones who drive the 'Prime' force

This International Women’s Day we are proud to bring to the fore seven wonder women, who are part of various Prime programs in Amazon. With distinctive skill sets that set them apart from one another, they set an example for the entire team that unites them together and glorifies the wonders of being a woman in today’s world.
on 09 March 2021
There lies a unique resemblance between the team and the Greek Mythology that inspired the DC character, Wonder Woman -- both are led by strong and fierce women. As they like to call themselves the ‘Amazonians’ at the workplace, we bring their candid selves to the picture as they highlight their unique qualities and interests.
  1. Sapna Jindal: The inspiration we all need

    A team is only as good as its leader, and emphasizing the same, Sapna Jindal has come a long way from being a Software Development Executive to a Software Development Manager in just 3 years. Working with a highly ambitious and hard-working team, she finds the enthusiasm in her teammates to be the favorite part of her day. At Amazon, she manages the Prime Young Adults program that provides 50% cashbacks to young adults within the 18 to 24 age bracket. Her strength clubbed with her calmness to solve every issue with ease has helped her win the trust of her team members. By leaving a positive impact on her team, she is able to drive their productivity which is brought out through compliments received by customers, friends and family, every time they talk about Prime.
  2. Tejal Mathia: Taking life one song at a time

    It is true that music makes everything better. For Tejal, music has impacted her love for work immensely as she spreads this further by driving awareness of the ad-free music feature, exclusively available for Amazon Prime members. She believes that music is indeed a game-changer. As she tackles one problem after the other every day, she switches to her favorite song at the moment to make it a pleasurable experience. Through Amazon Prime, she understands the wants and needs of Prime members with patience to enable a flow of music discovery that is based on their interests and moods. A little bit of that coupled with a generous dose of humor makes her work life fruitful, as she spreads positivity and happiness through the sound of music.
  3. Debanjoli Sinha: The one who never backs out

    Running away from problems has never been a part of Debanjoli’s playbook. Leading Products for Prime Partnerships Programs at Amazon, she seeks the thrill of owning big problems and solving them daily, under ambiguity. Since this segment of Amazon builds new professional relationships with different industries regularly, Debanjoli finds this to be her greatest teacher in developing her problem-solving skills. She builds for disruptive growth for the next set of Prime consumers - some of whom might be hard to reach, convert or lack access to subscription billing. She likes to take the risk of working with inherently complex situations as she believes the rewards and gratuity of doing her job are worth burning the midnight oil for!
  4. Pallavi Singh: Keeping the creativity alive

    Love shopping on Amazon? Kudos to Pallavi and her team for always being on their seats to ideate and bring out the best offers for Amazon Prime members. She displays a versatile role in the company by participating in hiring, L&D activities, and leading the Women@AmazonIndia (W@AI) affinity group aimed at recruitment, engagement, career advancement of women employees. Her eagerness to learn and grow with the company has made her take on every challenge without thinking twice. As she brings out her customer-centric qualities to the table, she helps to create delightful offers and benefits for customers in the field of Amazon shopping. You can mark your calendars for Amazon’s biggest shopping day in the year - the Prime Day sale!
  5. Sneha Poddar: Accelerating the pace of the world

    Don’t we all love the same-day and next-day delivery features for some products on Amazon? Through her role, Sneha leads the IN Substitutability program that improves Amazon’s speed perception and provides customers the benefits of fast and free deliveries. Solving complex and ambiguous problems with innovative ideas is a skill not owned by many. However, Sneha aces the game thanks to her passion for her work. As a customer, she believes in this program which makes her incredibly proud to be leading it simultaneously as a team leader. Her efforts laced with persistence also allows her to voice her opinions in the workplace and be true to herself as a woman.
  6. Rituparna Das: Growing with criticism

    Rituparna likes to come to terms with different hurdles in her life, personally and professionally. Her never-say-die attitude has helped her establish and grow India’s most loved subscription program - Amazon Prime. She enjoys solving unique challenges through her problem-solving skills. She also leverages technology and insights to curb all customer-centric issues in a sustainable manner. As every positive customer feedback excites her about her work, she is also practical about negative feedback that comes her way and tackles them instantly to increase the company’s base of delighted customers. Through Amazon’s ever-growing facilities like fast and free deliveries or the joy of watching the latest movies, Rituparna enjoys every aspect of her work as she brings her opinions as a customer to the work front, and strives to improve the quality of Amazon’s services every day.
  7. Shilangi Mukherji: Jumping hurdles with rationality

    Shilangi finds Amazon Prime to be a large snack bar since there is something for everyone to enjoy. She proactively works to maintain and grow the video subscription service by driving customer-centric insights, offers, and solutions on a regular basis. As she takes on difficult tasks, she uses rationality in her decision-making by hearing out the customers as well as the workmates to bring out a better version of the platform. All in all, Shilangi looks at the bigger picture and starts a new day saying - “let’s do this!”
Celebrating these women every single day, we are delighted to have them grow with the team. This International Women’s Day, we strive to be inspired by the stories of all our women employees as they outshine themselves with their contributions to the community.
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