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'We're energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India'

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of, leaders across Amazon India speak of how their teams look towards innovating and building for an India that becomes self-reliant in the true sense.
on 10 June 2021
The journey of stared with about 100 sellers offering media products to customers in a few cities. Today, 8 years later, as becomes an integral part of daily lives and livelihoods across India, SVP and Country Manager, Amazon India, Amit Agarwal says that they are energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India.

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Elaborating on the journey of India, he says, “As completes 8 years, we reiterate our commitment to India. We continue to obsess with serving customers and small businesses, use technology to invent on their behalf, and think long-term. We are humbled how we are meaningfully impacting daily lives and livelihoods all across India, and one can be rest assured that we are just getting started. We are energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India as it realizes its true potential in the 21st century, and remain heads down focused on our pledge to digitize 1 Cr. SMBs (including 10 lakh local stores), enabling $10B in exports, and creating 20 lakh jobs by 2025.”

Speaking about how customers and SMBs are embracing online, Amit says, "The second surge of the pandemic brought forth untold challenges and put people and economies under immense pressure, but we also recognized that customers and small businesses are increasingly embracing online and are relying on us to navigate and recover from the disruption. And we take this responsibility very seriously. We are humbled that our focus on digitally empowering millions of small businesses to bring convenience to daily lives of customers, helping them save time and money, is more critical than ever before,” he says.

As Amazon India keeps a laser sharp focus on its pledges, Amit says "The long-term opportunity for India remains compelling. The current crisis is likely to be a structural shift that propels us faster towards the vision of a Digital India, catapults Make in India to go global at scale, and creates digitally enabled robust businesses that will power millions of livelihoods, and realizing the true vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat. India must grab this rare opportunity with both hands, by focusing on enabling policies that accelerate this shift. We at Amazon, truly feel fortunate to be able to play our part, and it truly is barely Day 1 for us in India.”

Whether it is enabling SMBs to go digital, or making Make in India global, leaders across the board in Amazon India, leading various teams, reaffirm their commitment to India. Read to know more...
  1. 'SMBs now leveraging online to cater to customers across India'

    Manish Tiwary, VP, Amazon India speaks on how Amazon has contributed towards SMB Enablement. He says, "Over the last 18 months, we have seen ecommerce play a bigger, more important role in serving customers in the safety of their homes as there is a shift in consumer behavior, with consumers opting to make more of their purchases online...As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in the success of India’s SMBs, the backbone of our economy and deliver on our pledge to digitize 10MM SMBs by 2025."

  2. 'We look forward to engage the next 500 million customers to shop/pay/watch/eat/play/ online'

    Kishore Thota, Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, Amazon India, speaks on how Amazon has contributed towards innovation in India, on behalf of its customers and sellers. "Over the years, we innovated to solve the problems of the time as well as invest in anticipated would be problems and also basic expectations form our customers...As much as the team is proud of all the invention over the years, we are as excited, if not more of all the invention that is ahead of us."

  3. 'We look forward to delivering many more smiles in the future'

    Prakash Datta, Vice President, India Customer Fulfilment Operations & Supply Chain at Amazon, speaks on how Amazon's Operations network enabled them to continue serving people during the pandemic and how he looks forward to the future. He says, "At Amazon, we take pride in ensuring safe and fast deliveries that delight customers, and our operations network enables that at every step. I still hear so many of my colleagues remembering about the opening of the first Fulfilment Center in Mumbai so fondly– and today 8 years later we already have more than 60 Fulfilment Centers across the country, Sortation Centers in 19 states, more than 1700 Amazon owned and delivery partner stations and 25 Amazon Fresh Centers."
  4. 'We as an organization are continuously looking for diverse talent'

    Deepti Varma, HR Director Corp- APAC & MENA, Amazon India, speaks on how is Amazon focusing on creating employment opportunities in India. She says, "Amazon has created over 10 lakhs direct and indirect jobs cumulatively in India since 2013, when we launched in These jobs span across Information technology, operations, skill development, content creation, retail, logistics, and manufacturing."

    "We as an organization are continuously looking for Diverse talent and are thrilled that some of our programs like Virtual contact centers, rekindle where we attract women who have taken a career break, Vetran hiring, pwd hiring and many others have helped us to attract diverse Talent. As we say at Amazon there is so much more to do and its just Day 1."
  5. 'Our Global Selling pogram is helping over 70,000 exporters take Made in India products to the world'

    Abhijit Kamra, Director - Global Trade, Amazon India, speaks of how the Global Selling program is helping enable exports and promote ‘Made in India’ globally. He says, "
    The program is witnessing tremendous momentum with increasing interest from exporters across India. This momentum reflects in the fact that it took 3 years for us to enable $1 billion in exports, the second billion came in 18 months and the third one came in just 12 months. The program is helping boost exports from India.
  6. 'Amazon Business has always aimed to empower MSMEs'

    Peter George, Director, Amazon Business speaks on how Amazon Business is helping small businesses in India get back on their feet, fast. He says, "Since its launch, Amazon Business has always aimed to empower MSMEs, by aiming to be the one-stop destination with over 20 Cr GST enabled products across top categories to cater to their distinct business needs...We are grateful to our MSME customers who trusted Amazon Business for all their purchase requirements, as we strive to do even better at serving them."
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