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Building diversity at the workplace

Raghava Rao speaks about how building diversity is consistent with the Amazon Leadership Principles and why it is critical that diversity are done right.

Army to corporate world, Amazon veteran speaks of the transition

In a candid Q&A, Amit Sharma, senior manager, Catalog Quality speaks of how the Amazon Leadership Principles resonate so much with what he learnt in the Army and lots more...

When bald is not just beautiful, but also brave!

How Amazonian Meghna Apparao decided, in her own unique way, to teach her kids about 'being brave' and how this move of hers is helping cancer patients. Read on as she tells this story in her own words...

11 walls that tell stories at Amazon India

Walls that have a voice and character. Here's a sneak peek into the Amazon India offices and its most interesting and inspiring walls!

'Thinking big helps us solve issues for the customer'

Sekhar Boddu, Director of Technology, Ship With Amazon Technology speaks on the Amazon Leadership principle - Think Big

'Failure fuels my drive. It pushes me further'

Kuldeep, who is part of Amazon Web Services, is one of the 40-odd Indians and the only Amazonian from our country to have ever successfully completed IRONMAN, one of the world’s toughest triathlons.​ Let's get to know about this Amazonian...

Your interview experience matters to Amazon

Here's an account of Tech Hiring at Amazon from an interviewer’s lens, where there is an effort to set up the candidate for success

Proud to be peculiar!

Archana Vohra, Director, Seller Enablement, speaks on peculiar Amazon acronymns, her memorable day the Fulfilment Centre and lots more

AmazONed 2018 - a celebration of innovation, technology & ideas

Our tech conference gets underway in Hyderabad with Alexa as co-host! And it was a coveted opportunity for techies in India to interact and engage.

'We encourage everyone to bring their voice and celebrate their uniqueness at Amazon'

Amazon’s a company of builders and creators who bring varying interests, innovations, and points of view to inventing on behalf of the customers. As we work to develop leaders from various walks of life, we caught up with Shalini Koshy, Diversity & Inclusion Leader at Amazon India, on her take on diversity and how she brings it to life at Amazon.
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