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AmazONed 2018 - a celebration of innovation, technology & ideas

Our tech conference gets underway in Hyderabad with Alexa as co-host! And it was a coveted opportunity for techies in India to interact and engage.

'We encourage everyone to bring their voice and celebrate their uniqueness at Amazon'

Amazon’s a company of builders and creators who bring varying interests, innovations, and points of view to inventing on behalf of the customers. As we work to develop leaders from various walks of life, we caught up with Shalini Koshy, Diversity & Inclusion Leader at Amazon India, on her take on diversity and how she brings it to life at Amazon.

Pride Month: A time for meaningful conversations

As we at Amazon India celebrate diversity and inclusion, we still have a lot to learn from one another. Let’s make June a month for meaningful conversations about identity.

'Giving the best candidate experience is our first step towards hiring the best'

As a recruiting leader with Amazon, Shreeja is setting an example in creating a world class candidate experience. She brings 15+ years of talent experience and is applying her learnings and vision in engaging with Amazon’s candidates meaningfully. In this candid interview, Shreeja answers a host of questions on the fundamentals of candidate experience, her belief on why it is the building block of a sustainable future for an organization and recounts an experience that has left an indelible mark on her.

'We have a culture where leaders teach leaders'

Bikramjit Singh Walia, Director, Human Resources, Amazon India says the key differentials of the success of Amazon is "our peculiar culture" and speaks about his biggest learning till date

Taking customer obsession home with Virtual Customer Service

Customer service that is no longer restricted to the four walls of office

Chandran Mavila: Deep Diving in Difficult Domains

Chandran Mavila began his career as an engineer with the Indian Air Force, countering difficult situations and ensuring the safety of others almost on a daily basis. It was his defence training that would later help him to get a job with an airlines firm for managing the risks of transporting dangerous goods (DG) on flights. Chandran later became one of the key personnel to set up the Dangerous Goods Regulation Training establishment, approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India, for the airline.

Vijaitha T: Placing the Customer at the Heart of Every Decision

Vijaitha T manages the India Operations for Catalog Management in the Retail Business Services team at Amazon India.

Ravi Bonda

The self-taught design maverick who changed the course of his career
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